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Yes I’m proud and happy. For all who want an opportunity here you go

Today i feel super #proud, and super #happy.
A gent who was an intern in one of my companies few years ago made 29,000 USD today by selling a Premium domain name owned.
The gentleman now lives in #Kerala, #India. He contacted me around a year ago and asked me if there is any opportunity i can offer him to make additional money as he can’t leave Kerala and leave his mother alone. At that time i was preparing an email with an opportunity and the details of the process to benefit of that opportunity for someone else, so i sent the same email to him.
Since i have barely heard about any activity on this from the other lady however i hear from him every few weeks telling me about the contacts he has done with companies who may be interested in grabbing a #premium #domainname. Few weeks ago he got his first solid interest. I am sure he contacted hundreds of companies and got no pulse. I am sure he spent hours through his evenings researching without any result.
Until today. He never quit, and today was his day.
He graduated and is working in his cousins business and earns around 700 USD a month. If he is saving 200 USD a month the amount he made today is worth 12 years of savings. I asked Sachin what is he going to do with the money. He said nothing yet. I asked him why not invest it. He said i want to sell another domain, add the profit to this and open a side business while at my work, i want to renovate small old homes and rent them out and become with time what you told me i can become “the #king of #passiveincome”.

If you want an opportunity similar to what Sachin and many others got, get intouch today for a new tomorrow.

I can give you an opportunity to make a future which is worthwhile, every day of the week. Lock down or no #lockdown, #crisis or no crisis this applies.

You will need to be ready to do the following to make sense of it:
1. Be positive at all times, empty stomach or sick mother. Positive is the only state of mind i deal with.
2. Forget about the possibility that something won’t work. Nothing worked in my life because it does. Things worked because i was stupidly stubborn that I continued beating my head towards it until it worked.
3. An 8 hour of sleep is something of your past. You tell me you wish to work smart not hard. Ha!! The only smart kind of work i know is hard work.
4. Remember a million Dollar is a million times of one dollar achieved not 10 times of a 100k. If you are not right to do penny earning jobs you may never get the opportunity to do big pay tasks.
5. Remember if you fail it is because you stopped trying not because i made you fail. Similarly if you succeed it is because you earned it not because i made you succeed.
6. I help you grow and earn which adds to my growth and earning. I don’t run an NGO.

If you don’t work enough to make sense of the opportunity It is a problem, however not anyones problem. The problem is yours.
I offered opportunity to hundreds, some became millionaires, some own their own companies, some learnt and moved on to develop further, while some failed to achieve. They claim it was tough 🙂 – did any one promise them of a joy ride. Some thought they were sharing too much of the profit, they are surely smart and ambitious so they departed, i hope it works well for them.
Some tried to take what is not theirs, they may or will never be my fans, regardless that will not deter me from my route; i will not stop giving opportunities to people neither will i quit on my plan to permanent #growth.

By Makram H. Hani

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